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Assam Tea Plucking and Our Commitment to Delivering the Freshest Chai

At Desi Chai Company, we take immense pride in bringing the rich and authentic flavors of Assam tea to your cup. Assam, the largest tea-producing region in India, is renowned for its robust and bold flavors. In this blog post, we delve into the fascinating world of Assam tea plucking and shed light on how we ensure that every cup of chai you enjoy is a fragrant, flavorful, and exceptionally fresh experience.

The Art of Assam Tea Plucking

Assam tea, known for its distinct malty flavor and bright infusion, is a result of the meticulous tea plucking process. Tea leaves in Assam are typically plucked by hand, and this art is handed down through generations. Our commitment to delivering the freshest chai begins right here, with the careful selection of tea leaves.

  1. Seasonal Variations: Assam tea is plucked year-round, but the quality of tea varies with the seasons. The "second flush" in Assam, plucked during late spring, is particularly renowned for its deep, rich flavor and golden tips. We source our Assam tea during its prime seasons to ensure that you get the finest and most aromatic tea leaves.

  2. Hand-Picked Excellence: Hand-plucking ensures that only the top two leaves and a bud are harvested. This practice results in high-quality tea leaves that are rich in essential oils and flavor compounds, which are vital for creating the signature Assam tea taste.

  3. Traditional Expertise: The skilled tea pluckers in Assam have an innate knowledge of when to pick the leaves for optimal freshness and flavor. They use their expertise to select the best tea leaves, and this dedication to quality reflects in every cup we serve.

The Desi Chai Company Difference

Our commitment to delivering the freshest chai goes beyond the plucking process. We take several steps to preserve the flavor and aroma of Assam tea:

  1. Direct Sourcing: We source our Assam tea directly from trusted estates in Assam. By maintaining a direct relationship with the tea gardens, we ensure that the tea is of the highest quality and hasn't traveled through unnecessary intermediaries.

  2. Freshness Preservation: As soon as the tea leaves are plucked, they are carefully processed and packaged to lock in their freshness. We take care to store our teas in a controlled environment, away from heat, light, and moisture, which can degrade their quality.

  3. Fast Shipping: We ship our teas promptly, ensuring that you receive them while they are at their freshest. This means you can enjoy the true essence of Assam tea in every cup.

  4. Ethical and Sustainable Practices: Our commitment to freshness extends to the ethical and sustainable practices of our tea sources. We support fair labor practices, ecological responsibility, and community well-being, so you can enjoy your chai with a clear conscience.

At Desi Chai Company, we're passionate about bringing you the authentic taste of Assam tea, and our commitment to delivering the freshest chai is unwavering. From the skilled hands that pluck the tea leaves to the careful packaging and prompt delivery, we take every step to ensure that you experience the true essence of Assam in every cup. When you choose our chai, you're not just enjoying a beverage; you're taking a journey to the heart of Assam's tea culture, one sip at a time.

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