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Premium Assam Mild Tea – Assam Tea

Premium Assam Mild Tea – Assam Tea

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Bringing you a blend of chai that you can have any time. Whether you are making a cup of chai for yourself in the morning, taking a small break from your work in the evening, or just planning to have a cup of chai after a small meal in the afternoon, this Assam Mild chai blend is perfect for you!

Enjoy the soothing flavour of the aromatic tea leaves of the best mild masala chai and uplift your senses. This magical blend of tea leaves from the finest tea estates of India is definitely something you can have if you are looking for that ‘Sukoon‘ in the midst of a hectic day! The earthy and balanced notes of spices in every sip will take away all your stress and put you in a relaxed mood! We are bringing this mild masala chai for tea lovers across the country.

Benefits: Stimulates blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, high in antioxidants

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