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Premium Bambaiya Cutting – Assam Tea

Premium Bambaiya Cutting – Assam Tea

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Get the vibes of the streets and corner stalls of Bombay from the comfort of your home with Bambaiya Cutting Chai from Desi Chai Co. With a unique blend of strong, fine quality Assam black tea and exotic Indian spices – cardamom and ginger, our blend of Bambaiya Cutting will give you the ‘rapchik’ taste of the authentic cutting chai from a ‘tapri’ in the streets of Mumbai. Enjoy the rich flavours of Mumbai cutting chai with Khari biscuits, bun maskabhajiya pav, or vada pav, and refresh your senses with the strong, crisp taste dominated by cardamom flavour with a spicy ginger finish. Buy Bombay Cutting Chai online from Desi Chai Co. and experience the rich flavours of this blend.

Benefits: Aids digestion, relieves swelling and pain, stimulates blood circulation, alleviates high blood pressure.

Ingredients: CTC Tea, Cardamom, Ginger, Fennel.

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